I think it’s fake i don’t judge the players but that farm is just bad and ganking mid as Riven who already died as lvl 2 vs a yassuo lvl 6 i mean bro this can’t be real I’m bronze too and farm much better and I almost never have such team mates so pls next time don’t choose the worst players you can get . Just make a 1 v3 then . But I understand that you get more clicks with a video which is called 1 challenger vs 5 bronzes.

i can actually agree on this before my internet went to shit i could play zed,annie,syndra n tf against plats n diamonds with my friends but the thing is my roaming skills and just mid to late game made me die a ton for no reason im not saying im a mechanical god just good enough to play and outplay some of them.

It’s really depends on the bronzes cuz once ur good enough it doesn’t matter who you are, you 1 shot the enemy, if they split push against viper like they did yassuo and arkadata, viper will lose too.

I like how everyone who wants to 1 v 5 pick yasuo. Ok this guy is Yassuo.. but every 1 v 5 i’ve seen they choose yasuo. Interesting choice. it’s not like that champ is op or anything right?

This is not how u win, they got fucking scared of yasuo that they started pushing like pussies and they were saying to him like who think he is and in late he fucked them up, fucking noobs bronzes don’t know how to win a game they are just pussies.

this videos are so stupid .. make a duel ,yasuo vs yasuo and there u can see skills ,that s stupid ,yasuo has to get exp only for him and gold the same ,the enemys instead have to divide their farm and exp ,logically yasuo is getting higher level and killing them ,that s stupid.

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