It’s pretty good with vaal cyclone, not top tier but I had fun with it. I did tier 12 hc maps with it before I rerolled. As quill mentioned RF does not scale with spell power but he forgot to say that RF gains damage from elemental damage, fire damage, area damage and burning damage.

warchief totems (marauder, there are some variants), flameblast inquisitor/elementalist, ED+contagion occultist are usually the best and easiest to gear up, especially if you use Also bladeflurry assassin, damage is insane, but he is kinda squishy. Cyclone raiders or marauders are also pretty good.

These are all pretty similar when it comes to passive skill tree so I’m not gonna link anything specific, you can easily google any of these and find guides.

You could consider a link with Cyclone + Fortify + Curse on Hit + Flammability, which would make you much more tanky from Fortify and also substantially increase your damage because of Flammability. Also, Cyclone hits a lot, and consequently crits a lot, fulfilling your needs for Elemental Overload. The main problem is it requires a RGBB link, which is a pain on pure armour gear, but you already got that covered!

A few other things: Use a stone golem. With your current hp, it will grant you far more regen than vitality, and it doesn’t need to reserve mana (probably still use vitality, as every % regen is at a premium in RF). Please, get a staunching potion, it is painful to watch you bleeding every time you face a corrupted bloodline pack. Also, why not self-cast the Scorching Ray? It frees you a socket, and with that kind of survivability standing still for a while is not thaaaat bad…

And that Zana map is a map that usually has 2 bosses, but it was twinned, so there were 4 bosses in that room, which can get pretty nasty (especially since 2 of them use flicker strike, so the potential for a “BANG! You’re dead!” is real…).

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