With all these reworks coming our and people complaining ADC sucks ass, it seems as if most have forgotten one of the most basic principles of this game: ranged champions have a slight advantage over melee champions. Now I know I’m going to get a lot of hate but I had to say it: I feel as if most people complaining about the weakness of the ADC role are forgetting about basic techniques such as: positioning, map awareness and decision making.

Even though I am in a low elo, it’s like I said with the assassin rework: it’s exciting to receive another challenge for ADC’s to overcome and for us to push our limits and abilities. Finally, even if big buffs come for us, even if they don’t, the game will still go on and we’ll continue to play another match with assassins, bruisers, tanks, mages (all that) so we must adapt to the changes and get better! I would love to hear other people’s opinions and discussions on what I’ve mentioned, as I love chatting about stuff like this. But even if I don’t get any responses or any mature ones (for that matter), I hope you guys all have a good day!

It’s always been called marksmen by riot yet referred to as ADC by the community what are you talking about? The class literally has to build almost all damage to shred the frontline and take towers/obectives making it still the Attack Damage Carry. At this point it is extremely hard to live that fantasy when the mage, assassin(I’m ok with this one), bruiser, tank, and hell certain supports can somehow manage to 1v1 your ass and send you back to the boonies unless you get extremely ahead, play vayne, or play extremely team oriented adcs. At this point the only marksmen i play are MF, and Jhin.

So what’re some good build ideas for new Warwick? Also what jungle item and enhancement do I go for? Also what runes and masteries do I use? Last I checked Titanic Hydra is the first item you get for new Warwick. Right? I need advice. My best ideas so far are to rush the TH, then go for Skirmisher’s Saber Bloodrazor. Bring the Merc threads, get Sterak’s Gage, get Frozen Heart, get Spirit Visage, and Blade of the Ruined King. I went 0 18 12 going into thunder lords to maximize the assassin skills and attack speed all while making myself fairly durable early game. I’m thinking classic flat ADC brawler sets or whatever for runes. If anyone can give insight to this (especially if you’re in high elo) please tell my any mistakes I’ve made with these assumptions.

A mix of Rengar and Volibear here and there. Warwick is like a tank fighter assassin thing thanks to him having one of the best chase potentials in the entire game and a cc that’s extremely hard to break out of without outside help or with the rework’s case some dodging or body blocking.

He plays well as an anti assassin. I think he will see enough high level play. He will go even with your typical two tank team, but against a damage support based team (with a solo tank in top/jungle), this new WW will do some amazing things. His ult being immune to CC helps. Just look for champs with flash down.

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