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What is twinking?
Twinking is when you level a character to either level ten,19,29,39,49,59,69, and 70. Once in the bracket you want, you get the ideal gear achievable. [LEGITLY] You get the gear by voting for warmane. For 19’s, most things are beneath ten VP’s, but other brackets could be extra highly-priced.

What’s the point of twinking?
The points of twinking are always to love PVP against either an additional twink or maybe a lower level and under the geared player. Twinking is exciting simply because the PVP is non stop after you have the BiS gear, then you could get about 1.3k hp as a level 19. Pvp’ing as a twink at warmane, having said that is rather broken, resulting from the truth that you could donate for imba products.

Why must I twink?
You need to twink since this server’s population is incredible. You get Quickly queue’s plus the PVP at max level for any bracket is particularly entertaining. It is fascinating for the reason that it just like your at level 80, with much fewer spells, and also a distinct thought of BiS gear.

Ok, I’m interested. But exactly where do I get started?
The only active ‘twink’ realm on warmane would be Frostwolf. So as soon as you level a class of your choice to 19, you get started gearing up. [VOTE Whenever POSSIBLE]. Now you may invest Vote points on your products.

Sounds fascinating, are you able to show me this BiS gear?

BiS hunter gear 
-Did you decide to make a level 19 hunter twink? It won’t be uncomplicated, or enjoyable, till your character is Battleground-ready. It’s going to take a great deal of nicely planned time and/or a large hand from a single or a lot more helpful greater levels, to not mention really a handful of resources from your other characters or from an Auction Home. The very good news: at level 19 hunters are among the most feared classes and with superior explanation as they’re in a position to consistently out DPS most if not all other classes, they have superior approaches of slowing with Concussive shot and they’ve Aspect of the Hawk (ranged attack power elevated by 15%). They may be also able to track both humanoids AND beasts in their minimap, generating them invaluable scouts in addition to higher DPS nukes and with the ideal race and profession combinations they’re able to even get self-heals, creating them far more tough to kill. The poor news: Hunters possess a fatal flaw – a line of sight which limits how usually they may be capable to attack. That being stated, a team composed totally or just about totally of twink hunters within the 19 battlegrounds will likely be hard, if not impossible, to beat.
Note: Using the anticipated alterations coming to hunters in Cataclysm, a number of the gear listed under will likely be subject to transform. All intellect, by way of example, will shed its major value of providing mana and secondary value of offering attack power with all the talent Careful Aim. Also, all heirloom gear will probably either a) be changed to reflect these values in Cataclysm or b) grow to be outdated and replaced with new Cataclysm bind on account gear (assuming Blizzard makes new BtA gear in Cataclysm). As of now, nevertheless, this guide is largely incorrect and incomplete.

BiS druid gear
-Feral Druids are powerful in Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin. In WSG they are rather possibly the ideal flag captures, especially within the 10-19 bracket with travel type, making them certainly one of the quickest players on the field (monks are cheat mode fast).

BiS Warlock Gear
-A warlock set refers to a collection of equipment having a warlock class restriction that commonly delivers an additional bonus when worn collectively.

BiS Mage Gear
-The mage (or magician) is a damage-dealing spell-caster that specializes in burst harm and location of impact spells. Mages are well recognized for their formidable harm output and their selection of crowd handle skills. Mages are also capable of performing several utility roles, from conjuring refreshments for their allies to teleporting or opening Portals to important cities.
Mages put on only cloth armor, but compensate for this using a selection of armor spells, wreathing themselves in flame, frost, and even arcane energies. Nonetheless, when fighting melee opponents, mages keep alive by incapacitating attackers and usually keeping one step ahead – and nicely out of attaining. Mages are rapid and may [Blink] away from attackers, deploy a [Frost Nova] to freeze whole groups in their tracks and even use [Invisibility] to slip into the shadows. Mages are masters of kiting and can use their enviable selection of snares and crowd handle abilities to defeat entire groups of opponents devoid of placing a hair out of place.
Mages’ major role in groups at reduced levels is damage dealing and crowd handle by means of the usage of [Polymorph], temporarily altering humanoids and beasts into harmless critters. At end-game levels, mages’ impressive harm output is supplemented with valuable abilities such as [Counterspell] and [Spellsteal].
In PvP, mages deal ranged damage though applying snares, stuns and [Polymorph] to control enemy players. Mages will be the archetypal “glass cannons”, capable of dealing an immense amount of harm if left uninterrupted, but vulnerable to attack. Mages compensate for this using an array of snares, stuns and incapacitation effects, and should remain on their toes if they may be to survive.
Mages are often a particularly entertaining class to play, with enviable harm output, sturdy crowd manages and some fascinating utility spells. Irrespective of whether blasting foes with [Dragon’s Breath] or freezing attackers within a [Ring of Frost], mages are a powerful presence on the battlefield. Masters of your arcane, mages can use their mental powers to alter the incredibly fabric of reality, turning snarling attackers into harmless sheep or perhaps altering time itself. Fast of thoughts and fleet of foot, mages stay a single step ahead of their enemies, summoning frost and ice to entrap their assailants, and great fireballs and walls of flame to decimate their foes. Undisputed masters of your incredible fabric of reality, only the foolish don’t fear the coming of a mage.

BiS Rogue Gear
-Rogues are melee harm dealers. They’ve access to a wide range of specials that depend on their frequently refilling pool of energy. Unlike other classes, rogues ought to be in close to attack.
The principal benefit rogues have is their ability to stealth. Unless the rogue is very close and in a 180-degree arc in front of them, or substantially reduce the level, players are often unable to view them.
Rogues can only wear leather or cloth armor, are unable to utilize shields, and may only wield one-handed weapons (daggers, swords, maces, fist weapons, and axes). They will dual wield one-handed weapons. Rogues have moderate well being, generating them significantly less durable than warriors, but nevertheless tougher than most casters.
Rogues obtain the passive capability to Detect Traps, which is often pretty valuable in PvP situations against a hunter, or in dungeons with traps, such as Icecrown Citadel.
Rogues are most effective suited for players who like to sneak up on enemies and dish out significant amounts of burst damage.
In Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, the rogue was an achievable rank.

BiS Shaman Gear 
-Shaman (sometimes pluralized as shamans) are mortal mediators between the pretty elements themselves. Usually, spiritual guides of their communities, these highly effective practitioners commune with all the ancestors and seek to balance the raging elemental forces, and can call upon them in the battle to scorch and blast their enemies or to strengthen and heal their allies. Shaman can enhance their weapons with elemental effects, smite enemies with lightning strikes and bursts of lava, and summon powerful elementals to their aid.
The shaman can be a hybrid class, able to specialize in offensive spellcasting, melee harm dealing, or healing. As such, the class is considered highly adaptable and versatile. Shaman can also use a selection of stationary totems to gain a wide variety of effects, from restoring mana and automatically healing allies to snaring foes and attacking the shaman’s enemies. Shaman is versatile and formidable opponents, in a position to respond to any situation with a selection of unique abilities.

BiS Warrior Gear 
– Warriors are melee fighters highly trained inside the arts of weaponry. They’re robust and fast around the battlefield. Clad in plate armor and wielding mighty weapons, they can deal large amounts of damage and are capable of withstanding massive amounts of damage to protect other party members. Warrior abilities are fuelled by rage. Rage is generated by way of harm getting dealt with and by the warrior and is capped at 100. Warriors have many abilities capable of aiding rage generation. Druids in [Bear Form] are much akin to warriors.
Warriors can modify between three combat stances: [Battle Stance], [Defensive Stance] and [Gladiator Stance]. Each stance gives diverse bonuses, allowing the player a variety of responses to any given PvE or PvP situation. Warriors can put on any type of armor, preferring plate (available at level 40). They’re able to use shields and can wield any weapon except wands. The primary warrior attributes are strength and stamina.
Warriors are often to be found leading the [Charge] into battle, tearing across the battlefield and utilizing furious shouts and terrifying banners to rally their allies and intimidate their enemies. Irrespective of whether striking down opponents with mighty two-handed weapons, tearing into packs of enemies in a whirlwind of steel, or standing firm in the face of death itself, warriors excel at battle having a range of strong attacks and battlefield maneuvers, masters of each skillful strikes and devastating blows.

Some of those links are missing heirlooms, so here is actually a list of available heirlooms for twinking ;

What ought to I roll, server demands?
Properly, I was recently and alliance druid, but every BG I joined, the alliance would win TOO easy. So I paid for any faction change to horde, and now I Drop quite a bit. But, I SUGGEST you roll horde for better queue’s, as well as a challenge. If you PM I’d be happy to help you if you’ve questions, IGN: Trozzy.

Nicely, that’s about it
Sounds entertaining, doesn’t it? I suggest you must at least try it. If you’ve been playing endgame content for the past couple of months like me, this is really a refreshing feeling.

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