When I meant immortal. I meant that he cannot die with old age. he might not be strong as nasus right now, but he can if he consumes power, also he influences warriors. he can influence thousands of warriors to defeat anyone. look at tryndamere, imagine 1000+ of him in battle.

The absence of aging would provide humans with biological immortality, but not invulnerability to death by physical trauma; although mind uploading could solve that issue if it proved possible. Whether the process of internal endoimmortality would be delivered within the upcoming years depends chiefly on research.

So according to this, not aging is known as “biological immortality”. And not being able to die from age or physical trauma is known as “endoimmortality”. So I guess all of us are correct, we are just talking about different kinds of immortality.

Immortal means never-dying. It’s the opposite of the mortal, who dies by the time. Also ‘never’ is timedefining word, which does not cover being killed. What I think you all miss from this debate is the perspective of the astral-material question. Being materially immortal means you cant fade away, time has totally no effect on you. While you are an astral being who has no physical body, no touchable parts, then you can still die by time until you are immortal.

Which would mean being a god. What I want to say here is if you are considered to be immortal while you have a physical body, you can be killed anyways. It’s logical and even realistic if you think of biology. Immortality does not and neither can deny the laws of nature. If the only thing is destroyed what made you live, what was the condition of your body to even work and keep you alive, then you are dead. Here comes invicibility which we know as being totally unkillable through any methods. However those who are invicible aren’t immortal and vice versa.

Also true that this topic is barely debatable since nobody ever met an immortal nor an invicible. These words are mere tryings to describe what we think. We dont know if there is such a thing, even religions can only believe it. But nobody ever knew and never will. Which makes these words inaccurate anyways, no matter how you try, because everybody will define it in an other way.

well thing is though, is (before they possibly change their lore with this future event) malz and kassadin were originally NOT from the void, malz was corrupted by it and seeks to bring it into runeterra, while kassadin fell into the void and grew to hate it so much that he uses its power to try to destroy it/all voidlings… so malz’s dad is just a human if still alive.

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