The rework actually dumpstered xin as a champion as his early game was totally destroyed. Riot intentionally shifted his power to the late game but the snowbally meta was too much for him and the e changes made him so he couldnt use 2 Es in a gank anymore. it was the buffs to ghost, meta shift and item changes actually gave him his viability back.

Nasus that would have ranged Q. Wither Slow them and give you CC imunity and heal, E you crit all your stacks in that zone. R Nasus does % true damage around him in his Ed aread while gaining armor MR and health.

lets not forget that riot maybe buff him + his ult range with ghost + w u can gank mid from bot with it this is stupid and healing the same amount of dmg ur ult do is good q can follow people even if they flash if u hold it and the q have +6%… scale if maximum health so clearing things like red at lvl 1 would be easy becasue it will deal average 160 dmg and 4 sec cd e give u alot of dmg reduction and AoE fear when low health u heal triple the bonus passive dmg and thats would be at lvl 6 like 45 hp per attack and with devour (attack speed) jng item u can kill people at low health and i wrote alot so cya.

The rest idk, but I’m guessing some where in there Annie, Viktor, Riven, Yasuo, Fizz, LeBlanc, Zed, Rengar (I’m not sure now), and if we are just trolling: AP Malphite, AP Amumu, AP Nunu, AP Galio, and if we are speaking theoretically: Nasus, Bard, Thresh, Sion, Kindred.

Farbod DiLaurentis she’s a garbage team fighter. she excels in duel which is not team fighting. a very single target based champion who can only land hard cc conditionally. yasuo is better than her in team fight.

I understand what you’re getting at, but disagree with the placement of champions on this list. I get that these champions all scale well but I think the champion’s ability to carry relies less on stats and more on the ability to control the game without relying on your team.

Champions like Veigar, GP, and Yasuo all have massive late-game damage, sure, but they also have the tools to manipulate the flow of the game or turn a bad situation into a win. I don’t think Nasus and Xin Zhao have that, while Kayle’s ult is arguable.

I think the lack of tools like these are part of what makes ADCs feel so bad right now. It doesn’t matter if they’re fed or behind, they are too reliant on support to compete.

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