I started the game today reached lvl32. Got some frame drops here and there, and I chose to go with the soft-targeting control option. I can say for a fact that I won’t put any money into this game. I don’t know how the grind will be, but seeing that some will be depending on dropped gear from dungeons to hold you out until crafted gear (not to mention the materials and the amount you need; whether you get it via dungeons/pvp/item exchange), begs the question of why questing bumps you up so fast. I’ll play it until it becomes monotonous, because eventually it will be.

I thought the Blade and Soul skill translations were bad( constantly mentioning skills that didn’t exist because they were not named the way it kept telling you), but Revelation Online makes Blade and Soul look like WoW during Wrath of the Lich King.

I truly like his content and coverage, as for Revelation online, OMG I’m sure a lot of people like this kind of game as the Hype for it was and is unreal. I gave it a real shot but I truly don’t see the appeal at all, sure if I was a 7 year old it might be OK but as a MMO for the masses its a joke. If you like this game please don’t take offence and more power to you, as for me its a pass.

This game changes a lot when u play on full settings. We need something like BDO but with more fluid builds and races.

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