Mbaye sarr even then, the normal everyday league players that just play off stream won’t get any credit for what they have accomplished. the fact of the matter is that he says that he will add any plays sent into the video, and he has not done so. that is why people are upset.

TheExseas Random? unless they accidentally shot there and didn’t predict he’d flash away ( to that spot) they wouldn’t of fired it there, they aren’t bronze five players who can’t shoot straight.

imo its not that ezreal is a bad pick against tresh, you can actually predict when or where tresh will hook and vice versa on tresh. Its more about mind games, thats why its called a “Prediction” predicting your opponents next move.

the jump with tristana from qt wasnt a prediction it was rather superhuman reaction because he insta jumped when he saw the hook coming and since trists jump cannot be interrupted when the cast time started it just came through.

jhin droped a E so he came back on his way and this Thresh grabbed him into minions, for me it is even more wp than blitz grab kindred because it is not the same grab precision level.

lol the berg jayce prediction was retarded and just predicting that something is going to happen like gosus draven crit isnt a prediction like your videos are great but this felt like a hearthstone highlight reel honestly.

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