With Delve right around the corner, the majority of the people seem to believe Scourge Arrow is going to be unusable because they think by the time you are done channeling and waiting for the explosion mobs would have already killed you.

Scourge Arrow may not be as bad as people think.

Scourge Arrow looks like a Tornado Shot that doesn’t require sources of extra projectiles like GMP, Opus, or Stunted Reach of the Council. Similar huge sprays of projectiles, good for liberally applying stacking DoTs. Fairly certain, given how the video looked, that charge/channel speed is based on attack speed, so something like Quill Rain could be used to backload poison damage with very rapidly charged Scourge shots without plenty of penalties. The other new one, Caustic Rain or whatever it was that tentacle-fondles enemies with pods, would be a good option to have Mirage Archer’d while you’re Scourging, both to deal that extra bit of damage and also to debuff/control enemies and give you more time to snap out Scourge shots.

Now, suppose you wouldn’t use it as a standalone skill instead use it in conjunction with Toxic Rain. Toxic Rain slows enemies up to 60% depending on amount of spores, which is HUGE. Now imagine if you would link Toxic Rain to Curse on Hit with Tempchains and also get a source of Maim, that would pretty much completely stop enemies hit by it and give you all the time in the world to get a perfect Scourge Arrow.

At its core, Scourge Arrow fires a wide, piercing arrow. Like other channeled skills, it deals more damage the longer you channel it, although it does nothing until it is released. Once released, the arrow leaves a trail of spores in its wake that explode after a delay, firing thorn arrows in a nova.

The number of spore pods Scourge Arrow creates depends on how many stages you built up while channeling the skill. It creates one spore pod per stage, up to a maximum of 5 stages, meaning a fully-charged Scourge Arrow will fire a lot of projectiles.

Sources of extra arrows and projectiles add arrows to the spore pods rather than the initial shot, which makes your fully-charged Spore Shot that much more destructive. The Thorn Arrows have a limited range, but that range is increased by sources of increased projectile speed.

Scourge Arrow converts 60% of your Physical damage to Chaos, making it a strong pick for builds that want to capitalise on the upcoming changes to Poison passive skills, the changes to the Pathfinder Ascendancy, and the new support gem for Chaos-based attacks, Withering Touch, all of which are planned to launch alongside the Delve expansion.

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