I wish them the best of luck. I know Diablo 3 on Console was actually one the best experiences on Diablo (I’m a pc gamer). But the controls felt just right and the slight changes to the game made it really enjoyable. I think porting this to Xbox will not be too hard the core of Xbox One is Windows 10 and it’s a Windows game. Also I hope they do well more money = brighter future for them and PoE.

Moblie path of exile certainly sounds cool, but lets be real here. Even if the swichs harware is comparable to a xbone, it still runs on a completely different operating system and you also need a constant online connection, which would make things laggy as all hell when playing on the way. Its just not practical.

They say that they are going to align Xbox version as much as possible with the PC version in order to secure there won’t be 2 totally different games on the different platforms. This however saves alot of time ofcourse in devolpment therms of speaking. But with this knowlegde you can predict that IF they think of new comprehensive content with potential which will not be applicable for xbox, they would not develop it due to this reason. So it affects always somehow the PC version in some way. We will see where it leads to. I’m sceptical about this.

As far as the grind, Path of Exile’s grind is the best kind of grind, unique items are not the best in the game and you’ll get most naturally. There’s no item lock like in mmorpg’s where an item perma-locks to your character. And you’ll get both good and bad rares all the time just playing.

Also balancing defence stats is important,when you start game on cruel you have 30% less elemental resistances,on merciles difficulty 60% less elemental resistances,my roommate died in hardcore mode Merciles difficulty 2 min after he changed his flask which removed bleed.

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