If you missed the MU Legend closed beta phases, here is a look at one of classes. Thought their teams are now focusing 100% on the preparation for the OBT. I think you may want to see it again.

Some may hope they will get in OBT soon but first plz fix the cpu Proplems Cuz the game is fucking up my cpu xD and there is a bug dat when he try to roll with whisperer or dash with darklord i return a little bit to back. But I don’t think that’s CPU problems, it’s Ping problems, my CPU is trash and the game runs extremely smooth, the only problem is Endless Tower where it just turn into a Slideshow in floor.

If you played the whisperer in CBT2 and loved it, the only problem I really had was at certain times I could not get into the rifts, every time I entered one the game froze. I think I succeeded in getting to do a total of 2 rifts during the whole beta, can someone pass the info on to the devs so they can fix the problem before OBT.

There are really big problems with disconnections in dungeons ! When you are in dungeon with party (ED/Rift/etc.) and you have been disconnected from the game , after reconnection you can’t join your party who is still in dungeon. And one more problem if you have died in Boss fight and returned back to spawn point , you can’t enter Boss fighting even after the Boss has been defeated. You have to wait until your party members will respawn at spawn point again or they will leave the dungeon and even if the boss is defeated you have to fight with him again alone.

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