There are six new Acts in Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath. And Act 5 is a nice act , Act 6 Wow 2 acts in one expansion. You are awesome guys, this new expansion will be crazy GREAT.

Previously, as you can see up here, there were three difficulties: normal, merciless and cruel, because the game repeats three times before maps. Now, you play Act 1-4, then five, then six to ten. Just one playthrough of ten acts… rather than having different difficulty levels. And this is because they have about the same amount of content: the ten acts take about the same time as the twelve acts repetition in the past. This means that now the player has an interesting story from the beginning to the end, and don’t have to repeat the same story over and over again on that character to get to the end game content.

That’s hugely unbalanced and also inaccurate to say Act 5 = Cruel. You got -30 resists in Cruel and again in Merc for -60 total. You would get a MASSIVE drop in resistances over a short time going from Act 4 to Act 6 which would cause gearing issues and make the content considerably more difficult. More likely they would change it that each act beyond the first gives -6 resistances, and maps have an additional -6 for the -60 total.

The difficulty of the game scales up in a similar way.

But it is definitely interesting. And Hardcore players would be grateful for it. New stuff always kind of refreshes the will to play a game.

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