We need a full version of crendors Mad World!!

Don’t hate on my helmet made of radiation. The best defense is a good offense, so I bought radioactive armor. Yeah but it is basicaly cthulu (for the name) and yogg saron is obviously from yogg sothoth.

thorium is radioactive. so its no wonder we went from regular radioactive metal to demonically infused ‘magically radioactive’ metal. if anything maybe they canceled each other out. then there was that time in northrend when everyone was wearing the crystallized blood of an old god. i mean, at least it doesn’t give you cancer…

Saronite does not kill on contact in the lore. Saronite is tainted by one of the old gods and makes miners insane through prolonged exposure to it. That crystalized blood of old god reminds me of some demonic crystal in Diablo that hero decided to stuck into own head to better control someone (Diablo or someone related).

Mithril was a huge barrier to levelling blacksmithing until they put in the ability to bypass it by using current expac ores right from level 1. It’s a rare-spawn from iron nodes, and was needed in such large numbers yet so rare that you either had to spend an amount of gold that was impossible to acquire w/o buying gold or halt levelling blacksmithing along with your toon until you hit max level and had the time to run circles around Tanaris hunting for it.

Doing the pet battle daily quests in Winterspring helped me gather 100+ thorium while going between Everlook and Stone Cold Trixxy. I leveled my jewelcrafting annoyingly slowly for months because I needed bronze, but when I got to craft thorium setting all those trips to Winterspring paid off…

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