Pocket Picks is a series where pro League of Legends players share tips and tricks to help you master their favorite champions. This episode features Echo Fox’s mid laner Froggen showing you how to fly high and get the most of his Pocket Pick, Anivia.

He uses the wall in so many ways. I’m always scared to do aggressive plays with the wall just cause I feel I’m going to screw it up so its just purely defensive for me.

But the show did begin well with the indian kid who’s POCKET PICK was yasuo, he was not a main like arkadata but he did used and picked him in some matches.

“Because league is one of more balanced champions” Rofl thats a good engloish! And to make some champions easier or stronger than others, which league has admit they have done, is still a load of bs.

And then all the anivia nerfs. E only does bonus damage to Q stun or fully charged ult, and ult takes time to grow, and doesn’t slow that much until fully formed. I love how all the game footage is taken prior to these nerfs, and as an anivia main, i bet Froggen completely hates these nerfs and is feeling like this video is an insult to her legacy. I used to main anivia, but luckily stopped before those changes.

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