If you are having stability issues, maybe the adjustable downforce can keep the car stable, set to around 85% downforce and your traction and stability will increase. This can apply to many racing games, so sometimes (even if it looks silly) it can make a big difference. Has anyone else done that to rectify control issues?

I got the pack as well, but for some reason the pack keep giving me a “market place data download failed”. Do you happen to have any ideas on why this pack won’t work. I have been looking forward to this pack for a while so it would be very appreciated if you could help.

How did you make that much money though? Racing the goliath race doesn’t really give me much more anymore since I’m super high level already. Is there an other way to make a ton of money in that game?

You can’t drive and ruined that rwb Porsche it has way to much potential for a shitty driver like you and all old Porsches have light front ends which means the front tires lift off the ground with high speeding cornering.

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