Forza Horizon 3 is an open-world racing game based in Australia and featuring over 350 cars. Race in a wide variety of settings, from deserts riddled with dunes to busy city streets. There has so many fashion racing cars, also with a lot classical cars.

We’re doing another Forza Horizon 3 Drift Battle, the new Volvo 242 from the Duracell DLC vs the Nissan S14! I hope you enjoy this Forza Horizon 3 Gameplay, Tutorials, Drift Builds, Walkthrough and the FH3 Let’s Play!

Daan Vermeulen they may be bricks but they are nimble little bricks. Also they are very strong and great rally cars. But I can see where you think they are bricks.

Car Lovers I drift random cars that don’t look like they can drift, this car is between the I’m confident that they can drift to gonna try to drift sections. Next time you get in a proper old Volvo and you crack it into something you can revers out of the crash and drive on like nothing happened. That is as long as no one hit you from behind two seconds after you crash. 

Nick carX drift racing is a really good drifting game you should try it out its on android idk about I phone tho but the graffics are good and the controls are good and you can have a manual shifter.

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