I forgot to mention that I actually don’t mind the update to credit pouches, it was only the reasoning that made me want to discuss the topic. Of course, I exaggerated the point for the video and it only takes 1,000 people to spend $10 to plummet the price of Credit Pouches. Just have to wait and see!

Maybe trion thinks that the only supply is the first hand supply coming from people buying the pouches for cash, and that would make sense because if pouches rise, that’s more flux for the players that pay cash for flux, which might make more players do it, which is even more money for trion.

I would much rather take those 50 shadow pinatas as a steady income of flux but I guess people have been getting a chaos coin each week for a year and they get a shit ton of chaos chests per day and that might be more valuable. I fully understand that this might be a profiting tactic which is why I wanted to call out their reasoning of “manipulators are ruining the market” 😛 Sure we profit big time from manipulation but an open market rounds itself out over time as there are 99 people just posting for a quick sell compared to the 1 profiting from it.

I’m guessing trove dose have a economics guy and if you think in the way of the monetary plan for trove he is doing an insane thing. Lessening the supply but raising the demand will increase the price through the roof. Making people the buy these get more for there money so they buy them again. In turn this also means people who once could afford them can’t so to get what they want they will have to pay money. All the while they can say they are helping the free to play player by having these in the game. I’m thinking they are just bsing us not being stupid.

We can’t forget they have data who been buying them and repost credit back to the marketplace. Who knows with out being in to their data to see whats happening, but Trion economy fixing never go’s to well it’s a beast of it’s own and I not seen a mmo that the economy go’s well balance for things to get cheaper unless there more of it in the marketplace but there is a limit how much marketplace can take the cost down if the item is linked to the rate of people making flux per hours.

The price has settled with ~100k being the new norm, they must see that so I think their reason for credit pouches is a misdirection, they were going to do it anyway and used that excuse to try and win over players who think it will drive down prices. They want more people buying pouches with money and this is the way they think will do it, like you said once the pouch price doubles or more paying money will look a lot more tempting.

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