Crusaders of Solaria like all the other browser games is P2W but in my opinion its very exceptional game, only by spending 12 dollars you get VIP account for next 6 months that allows you to compete with first 100 best players, ( well except those heavy payers who spend +500$, but there is not many of them, and over time the gap between you and them get smaller and smaller because there is an end to everything).

There is nothing in this game that you cant get for free over time, and there is max lvl to everything which is nice perspective that there is and end to how strong you can get.

During first day of playing you can get to lvl 40 if your good, than it take whole day to make 1-2 lvls, from lvl 50 it take +1 day to lvl up. Game gets harder whit every lvl you make. You unlock a lot of things while your lvling, which you cant see on this movie because it shows like first 10 minutes of game, that’s equivalent of not living starting area in any serious mmorpg.

There are 2 settings for keyboard control over your character:
1. arrows 123456

Best thing in this game is that in PvP or PvE your skill helps you a lot, you can take on players who have 15 000 – 40 000 Battle Rating more than you, if you know how to play with your character, and know what to expect from enemy.

Some people say game is unbalanced, so far as I’ve seen it, it is a little bit unbalanced towards paladins being best at first 50-60 lvls in PvP, but that changes in the end game where Paladins cant get as much damage output compared to other classes. But still in PvP major factor is your skill.

Other thing that people say is the lack of content. It’s true and not true, like I said you unlock a lot of things while you progres in game, but at lvl 50 every day after server restart you can be done with almost everything in less than 2 hours, than you just wait for events that occure every day at specific hours. But still game is very young, literally few weeks ago it was in open Beta tests, and we cant expect from it to be perfect in every aspect.

But that’s just my opinion and I suggest you should try and find out by your self if this game is worth playing or not.

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