Too Much Words!! Then we will have to wait many years to see the result of so many words. It would be better to see more results of the work done. I hope an answer Chronicles of Elyria !! Chronicles of Elyria is the first MMORPG where your character ages and dies, encouraging you to think beyond your character to their role in a larger story.

you have got no idea how much time gos into making a game. Goblin how much time is there between every gta? how much time has passed since the release of gta 5 and not one photo has been posten about gta 6 yet and yes they are working on it.

They were just a handful of devs a couple months ago. Now they do have a solid team but still kinda small for a game this size. You realy expect this game to be developed within a year? if you do get lost go do something else and comeback when this game is finished. Game developers that create mmorpgs or studios like rockstar got a giant team working on their game much bigger then this team and even they take years to create a game.

The progress this team has shows is actually really impressive and keep in mind the amount of time they spent with us the community i dont see many teams doing that. They are creating a game of the level of a tripple A studio but not with the same resources so far and they are doing a god damn good job! And the work will progress faster and faster just like a snowball rolling down a mountain will grow faster and faster in size. They keep growing in the team size.

About the part of exploiting, I think that is a grey area in which there is 3 categories: 1) Unintentional 2) bug finding & Reporting and 3) Intentional to gain something. An example, if someone tries and finds a way to craft 2 things when the game only allows you to craft one of such item that would go in the 2nd category (As long as they then report this to SoulBound with the steps how to re-create this). Exploiting for gain or to possibly deprive other is wrong. But finding bugs for the company to patch and fix isn’t bad at all.

I don’t ask just to test the boundaries: I had personally intended to use “Hexprone” as my unique surname. It’s a little silly but it’s me, and shouldn’t actually break immersion — who will decide whether it flies or no?

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