Brofresco posts late with his gameplays of new champions cause it takes him 50 matches just to get a win and good KDA so he can post it to youtube while Red only takes one match.

I think this is gonna be legit a very strong champion for a long while after her release, unlike Aurelion, Kled and Ivern, that were picked constantly the first 2 weeks and then completly forgotten.

you are right , you can have a pool from which champions you want and play them constantly and if someone comments that they are bad , i think it’s their opinion , but just because it doesn’t fit their playstyle or they didn’t play the champ at all and talk shit about it.

After having some matches against Camille in the PBE as Fiora and some other champs I Feel that champions like Fiora, Jax and Shyvana hard counter her, Jax and Shyvana deal a lot of hybrid damage and Jax has his E to block her true damage, Fiora just stomps her, your passive does true damage and she can’t block that with hers, you have the mobility to dodge her W, her E it’s predictable so you can Stun her quite easy, and your ult outdamages and outscales hers, but Camille has a interesting way to get into the back line and isolate priority targets so I’ll give her that.

I dont know whats funny about that. most people who are bad at the game dont know a lot about the game. There is a reason why some champions are considered op in low elo, but trash in high elo. Yasuo is kind of like that. He isnt trash in high elo ofc but still way way better down the ladder.

True damage on q and the % health damage makes me ask, what are riot playing at? Ekko is an issue for Riot for being a mobile tank so they release a champion that seems would thrive as a mobile tank.

All the champions you mentioned are not popular.They are also not viable in high elo or competitive.Camille will be a pick&ban in high elo and competitive play.She is extremely effective,to the point of being broken.

how do you know I freaked out? You stopped at the first word didn’t you? Or were you just trying to insult me because I hurt your feelings? What am I saying? Of course you were. I’m on here because I was trying to find out what the appeal of this game was, I see none and saying 14:00 was the best thing ever seen in LoL was the final nail in the coffin. I’m done here, bye.

She targets an enemy champion and both of them get teleported to a another point on the map where no other champions are. Neither can leave the area until one of them dies and Fiora would have done bonus dmg to the target. Pretty similar.

She’s primarily a fighter, with self-heal for sustain and a shield that scales off her health for better trading making her better suited for top lane. You could make her an assassin, but it seems like Riot wants to make her not bursty, as seen by how you get extra damage if you don’t drop all of your Q hits all at once.

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