Starter builds for Legacy League. I think it would be better to display the characters on Path of Building since it would let people get a clearer picture of what they’re seeing and what potential the build has. I don’t really care that much however since I don’t like copying builds, since I think seeing a build concept you have really work is the best part about this game. But for people that just want to run around killing stuff a clearer picture of what they’re dealing with would probably be nice.

A few questions on the Shock Nova Inquisitor.
1) How do you get leech ?
2) apart from Call of the brotherhood and Pledge of Hands, everything else should be rare with good rolls ?
3) the gem controlled destruction linked with crit shock nova does not make sense to me. Am i missing something ?
4) IIs Hibrid str/int gear is prefered ?
5) Seriously now, how do you get leech ?

1) warlords mark+curse on hit+orb of storms
2)yes I think so, you can use a good talisman if you want to and a helmet enchantment (shock nova area/damage or storm call duration) would be advised
3)I think hes just using so much crit (5power charges, crit nodes on the tree, inc crit strikes gem) that it just doesnt matter to him and he just gains the more spell damage multiplier
4)you can use pure int gear too, it just has to have good life rolls on it (maybe 1 hybrid for the off colour gems, vaal haste etc)

Probably doesn’t talk about it because he dislikes totems and summoners. But yes, it’s always been a good starter and not much changed. The damage nerf did almost nothing, especially considering a league starter won’t be a shaper farmer. Could even keep playing it throughout the league and go for a legacy facebreakers.

It’s nice for people to discuss some on going builds that people can try out, esp when the title says it’s for starters. Not everyone has the luxury or the time to test everything out and I’m glad Mathil has time to tweak these.

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