More like league of cheaters here for the most part this is exactly why VAC systems are needed ppl either arent good at the game and always want an unfair advantage instead of actually learning to play the hero/character/game its more a shame actually.

Elliot McLeod Some people don’t know the difference between a high elo mechanically skilled player and a scripter. This is especially true for people in low elo, they cry “hacks” and similar false accusations when being done in completely.

This is not a promotion of hacks/scripts in League. If you think it is, you are just as dumb as those low elo crybabies.

I don’t see any link to hacks/scripts provided anywhere in the video and its description, let alone anything else that even resembles encouragement to actually start hacking and scripting in LoL.

Here why i hate people make this im not hating on you but the guy that sending you this. The Azir is not Useing Scripts/Hacks it was a glicht when he came out and i know this i been playing league of legneds seen season 2 but any nice vid.

That is bug with kha E and tristana isn’t hacking it was also bug you didn’t needed ward and u could just press 4 and it will use botrk without cd and azir passive is also bugged.

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