As an old MU Online player this new game feels a bit off. Everything is too easy to get. The class specific mounts became available for everyone, which might sound okay, but for an old fan it’s kinda ruining the immersion. Same with the wings: you get a wing from one of the early quests and they are also not class specific. The Dark Lord doesn’t even has his epic raven pet and horse mount, instead you have non-combat pets running around (this was confirmed in an interview). Also basically it’s a D3 copy, without any MU related feature from the previous game like the crafting system with the gems (Chaos Machine).

And on top of this have you tried doing Endless Tower? It is a dungeon with 100 lvls and you have to defeat waves of mobs to move up in the tower. At around level 60 it becomes sooo much laggy that it’s unplayable even on high end PCs. This is a thing that they should fix, optimize the game or something.

I cleared the campaign, thought the writing was lame, and was pretty much done. The concept of replaying for more loot or levels just felt boring.

That said, I blew over 400 hours in Terraria collecting all the weapons and armour … The game had no real story line and is pretty much a string of bosses puncuated by base building and minecraft-style exploring/resource collecting.

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