How bad would added fire or something in place of multistrike be? I hate being locked in place. Looks like general clear speed would be faster without multistrike anyway since extra strikes are hitting air half the time, but I wonder how bad the hit would be on boss?

It would be really really bad. In my opinion frost blades w/o multistrike is unplayable. Main function of multistrike here is not to give you more attack speed .. you could do that with faster attacks .. but to provide some kind of auto-targeting of nearby enemies. With raider and frenzy charges up I have between 11 and 12 attacks per second. I never feel locked in place.

the key is to stack as much attack speed as possible on your jewels as well as grabbing attack speed nodes to reduce the lock-in-place time. My extra strikes are hitting air coz of lion’s roar knockback which can occasionally be useful but can also be annoying at other times. The most important thing about multistrike though is that it auto-aims for you, which is a great QOL modifier.

Would it even work good? Sure the total damage is high but phys is only 40% of the damage since FB converts 60% to cold and afaik conversion applies first so that 30% chaos gain would be only 30% of 40% phys which he deals.

The 30% chaos gain from phys would be a great bonus, one that I have considered before. I stuck with Wise Oak in the end though because it provides some degree of protection as well as benefiting my primary damage type. More chaos damage isn’t as good when mobs have chaos res.

Primarily because its easier to get good corrupts on unique gloves: in this case elemental weakness on hit. Secondly because it makes all 3 attributes useful, particularly INT, by allowing it to grant flat accuracy, which is important for crit-based builds. For instance, i’ve got 3553 accuracy, almost pushing 93% chance to hit with no flat accuracy on gear.

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