Albion Online is the first true cross-platform Sandbox MMO. Available now on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Deep player driven economy, guild vs guild, and an open class system to play whatever type of adventurer you want at any time!

I first became a Founder and made a preview back during Alpha last year. A lot has changed and everything is bigger and better than before. Final release date is sometime later this year.

Please talk more about the economy or like the player islands. I am on the fence if I should buy this game or not. I am playing Elder Scrolls Online atm but this seems like a nice MMO. Not only that. What do you use gold for and how does it work? I mean you got 68k gold and I see on the website you can buy gold for real money. Did you buy it all or traded it! I want awnsers please!

One thing they should introduce is players quests. Imagine someone needs some materials and can’t be bothered to gather them? Other players should be able to do the gathering for them, then get rewards for it. Those rewards would be given by the person who posted the ad.

whats the purpose of gold in this game? also would it be worth paying $100 for the legendary rather than the $30 for veteran? I intend to use your referral code since you have my favorite gameplay videos on Albion! Look forward to seeing you ingame!

My Albion rant1) Why in the name of god does ALL my stuff dismount when I do? Come on this is just bass ackward . 2) Arrows, every weapon must be made. but every bow comes with unlimited arrows? What’s a fletcher to do? 3) Dinner time. We have a “player driven economy” with farming and eggs & meat, yet no one HAS TO eat? You can “gain” by eating, but never go hungry? Never Get weak from lack of food? A farm economy is based on hunger not extra power. 3b) put some meat on the kills too. I kill a moose I should get a roast out of the deal, then put feathers on the chickens (better yet geese) and let a brother fletch. I really do like the game, but there are some sandbox holes, fletching, eating, fishing, and a damn pack animal that makes you carry all the items when ever you dismount.

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