Albion Online is the first true cross-platform Sandbox MMO. Available now on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android. Deep player driven economy, guild vs guild, and an open class system to play whatever type of adventurer you want at any time!

I first became a Founder and made a preview back during Alpha last year. A lot has changed and everything is bigger and better than before. Final release date is sometime later this year.

One thing they should introduce is players quests. Imagine someone needs some materials and can’t be bothered to gather them? Other players should be able to do the gathering for them, then get rewards for it. Those rewards would be given by the person who posted the ad.

whats the purpose of gold in this game? also would it be worth paying $100 for the legendary rather than the $30 for veteran? I intend to use your referral code since you have my favorite gameplay videos on Albion! Look forward to seeing you ingame!

Thanks for this series was wondering how the game has evolved over the year! It’s looking great and reminds me of the good ol’ days of MMOs. lets hope they can keep it that way.

Love how this channel happens to have a similar name to mines. I can assure you this is not because I want to be like you. I’ve used Kinetic for many websites, including youtube. In fact, I found out about this channel when I tried searching for my own channel. The search results were your channel and Kinetic Sand. I am telling you this to prevent any future drama by your fans who may hate me because of this name.

I can’t find when the actual game drops. I have it downloaded on my laptop but I’m not gonna pay for it but when is the game avail ale to play on PC and on IOS. Please help I can’t find it.

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