I first became a Founder and made a preview back during Alpha last year. A lot has changed and everything is bigger and better than before. Final release date is sometime later this year!

420Kyle1620 How is WoW even P2W, you’re logic on P2W is seriously flawed, you first argue that games which are P2W will die, then you go on and say WoW is P2W(WoW is a subscription based game mind you), it contradicts with your previous point as WoW is still standing strong, and can you explain to me in detail on how WoW is P2W? I get that there are lvl100 boosts, but you do not “win” when you hit lvl cap, you put in hardwork to grind loot like every other player in the game, the P2W argument of yours don’t even stand, you sir, need to get your head check out, you can have fun with your mine craft while we enjoy the games that you deem as “P2W”.

Read all of my other comments, I’ve already explained this (and my logic is sound… what I’m saying isn’t twisting the truth or lying in anyway [I gave reasons and supported those reasons with facts]). Feel free to disagree, but a large portion of the older MMORPG community agrees with me. My logic of P2W is clear, if you can buy anything other than cosmetics the game is pay to win (you can call it pay for advantage; but in my eyes those terms are interchangeable).

Its not pay2win. You just get more fame. But you can rush through grinding too with learning points. Its mostly for people who want to kill monsters and make money rather than gather.

Yes you can but it’s a lot slower. A lot of people are in guilds because it’s help assign tasks to different people. Say I spend 5 hours grinding to be able to get a material. Now you gotta spend 5 hours learning to refine to that level of the material, then you gotta spend 5 hours learning to make material that level. But imagine if you dedicated one person to one.

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