Thoughts on Tree of Savior based on the playtime I’ve had in this first international closed beta. I bring up Ragnarok Online a lot because this game shares so much with that title and really is the spiritual successor.

The game is a linear theme park which failed to implement many of the social, open world and lot systems that made RO so great. If you like RO go back and play it. It is still around and has a thriving community.

So really man?, grinding mindlessly for hours on end to level up one time is a huge nono, old school leveling is what killed many mmos back then, I’m guessing this game will have a small community and die off later in time and its sad too since BnS is coming out right next to this, it looks great it gives me that FF tactics art feel, but the endless Korean grinding is a MAJOR turn off since its basically going to be filled with bots.

I’ve never played ragnarok… and I find this game really really boring. I levelled to about 68 ish and stopped… Just as you said, this game is not for everyone. My boyfriend on the other loves this game as if it was his life, while hates on warframe for making him dizzy because of the parkour, which I enjoy very very much, but he did mention that the community is kinda dying off. I’m won’t be surprised if the game dies off eventually, or just having RO players in it because the online gaming industry has seriously taken itself to the next level, and usually people will go for what they call “nex gen” mmos.

I’m having fun so far. The game does give me a really strong sense of nostalgia, which is super nice. I love the music and the graphics, I can only hope they will increase the level of customization in the future because right now it’s pretty pitiful. (But, then again, customization is always my favorite part of games so maybe I’m just picky, lol).

I feel like Western MMOs have the quest system exactly backwards. Let the player actually play the game. Not every moment needs setup or background told to them. Not everyone wants to sit in town, ping-ponging between NPCs for rewards. Or leashing back to town to turn things in every 5 to 10 minutes.

This was one thing that Ragnarok Online got right in my books. If you want to complete a hunting quest or collection quest for rare headgear or some other extravagance, it’s going to take effort. You’re going to have to buckle down on that shit and actually gasp play the game, maybe reach out to friends or passerby for help! The spoils at the end of it are that much sweeter.

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