Yea, but after you build, then what? No game has successfully answered this question in games like this. You don’t get to defend your home or conquer other people’s homes and level your character, etc. Building will get boring after a short while and “exploring” isn’t that exciting. You’re just looking at the thing, you’re not actually interacting with it and smashing it, etc.

it would be cool if you can choose whether or not you be at war and have people come siege your shit. I guess make it optional so you don’t have people “grieving” the shit out of you.

Short answer yes,long answer kinda. I would explain but I do not think Id explain it accurately. Basically,Landmark is a builder for anything you want in the game engine as well as a game while Next is the actual game game. That still doesnt seem right. Something along those lines. Im about to leave or Id try to explain better,maybe somebody else will reply with a better explanation. Theres vids and articles out if you care about it enough to look them up too.

This is just an open beta for the fundamental voxel graphics tech that the new Everquest Next MMO will be built on. People should look into that as well. Its the most interesting MMO in development.

You’ll be thossed into this world where you’ll be challenged with surviving and thriving. The devs will join each server once in a while to scout for good looking and well thought out settlements which they will then add to the final game Everquest Next.

Origional EQ Player here: F Sony… IMO they screwed up EQ since they took it over from Verant (or whatever the original company was), and now they are putting out something nobody was asking for in the first place? I love how in their trailer, they make a shitty house with no roof and say wallah! As if Sony doesn’t loose enough money as it is… This is not what gamers want.

this is not everquest next, it is an entirely separate game, everquest next: landmark. Its sandbox where you build things its not the full mmo. but i think they said some of the best things built in landmark will get implemented into everquest next.

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