Daybreak Game’s President, Russell Shanks, announced to the world that EverQuest Next is officially cancelled. The Morning Brew team from Landmark Explorer discusses the termination of EverQuest Next and the eminent launch of Landmark The Game (Spring 2016).

I just found out JUST NOW that there will be no EverQuest Next. I have been playing EQ1- EQ2 for 16 years (this month). I was looking forward to that…How the F… W…Whatever. I think I am going to go to the Dark Side (WoW).

Yes, that is who you are now. I do recall who I was back when I had patience for the original EverQuest and what I wrote described my state– and even then I don’t think I got any character above level 20 in the 4 months I was constantly playing it. Did a lot of exploration, tried countless different characters… but even with all the time in the world, I had no patience for the vast amounts of downtime between battles where I often recall the spawn timers being faster than the amount of time necessary to get your health back and the necessary gathering of party members where you would often have someone take off while waiting to try to gather a group.
So many aspects of the game were designed so that unless you were online as close to 24 hours a day and were content waiting for countless hours on end preparing to do even the simplest of quests, you couldn’t get anywhere and it wasn’t worth playing.
Oh… and I forgot… yeah, you die and then you have to get back to your body and pick up every single piece of equipment off it one at a time while likely being attacked by whatever killed you.

“Difficulty” is not wasting your time or trying to make it so you cannot try again after failing. A well-made game should be one where you can turn it on, jump in immediately– and if you fail, you can try again as soon as possible.
Difficulty should come in being able to use the tools available to you, both in choosing the right tool and using it at the right time, in order to overcome the challenges.
Requiring you wait around for endless spans of time spamming a channel until maybe possibly enough people might show up who want to do the same task as you is not difficulty… intentionally disrupting the flow of the game play both between battles and after failure is not difficulty… those are time waste tactics designed to minimize the amount of content they have to make.
A far smarter thing to do than wasting people’s time would be to design the content in such a way that people would benefit from replaying it.

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