It’s been over two months since Snail Games have released their introduction trailer to the resurrected, Dark and Light. As the days have gone by we have received a fair amount of information about Dark and Light’s early access so I wanted to put together a video that ties all of the information together. Anything from combat, to building, to environments I cover but if I missed something then please put it in the comments Game.

Audio was a bit off, going to be messing around with settings to fix for the next video. Also, I have finally started to get some more free time so I’m putting more effort into my future videos! Are you looking forward to Dark and Light?

I’m so excited for this. Because if Chronicles of Elyria blows it(which it seems like they might by over-catering to certain people) then, I have a definite back up for the same genre of game.

I think people were overly attached to the way that normal MMOs were structured, and didn’t see the fullness of the vision. So, it seems to be falling in the basic MMO category. It’s also overly favoring the people who found out about it first, but it’s still number 1 on my list too.

First of all , please don’t speak about how great the combat is going to be when we have 3-4 medium quality gifs showing it . We don’t have enough information to say yet if it’s going to be good or bad . Second , SNAIL are the biggest pieces of shit developers that i have seen so far . If you think Black desert online’s devs were shit , you havent seen what snail have done with their projects in the past ( Taichi panda for mobile devices had outfits purchasable ONLY with money , not with currency that you can buy with money and collect in game , flat our money grab . Keep in mind outfits there gave stats and also in that exact example the price was 400$ for a single item ).

Lets just wait and see . I will not blindly believe the devs . After all they benefit from this so they have absolutely no motives to speak bad about it even if its a huge pile of crap . I will wait for gameplay footage , testing , community feedback , reviews and then I will decide . Imbeciles like this video creator are anti consumer and need to be branded as such . I really hope that atleast he is getting paid to do this , otherwise its a pure shame to waste time on such a garbage video .

We do not have a final size of the map. We do not have confirmation, guarantees of the map. The 40,000km2 figure quoted is from the old DnL. Please don’t over hype the map size when we do not have any figure officially confirmed. All that leads to is disappointment, right? Check this thread for some informed speculation on map size .

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