Trion…… we need a word….. Iv been playing your games for many years now, rift, archeage, trove, defiance…. and for years I have enjoyed them, but now? I really don’t know, I still love all your games and will keep playing them, but with all these changes to trove I really am not sure what your doing anymore. In my opinion trion is kind of taking the same path as Valve with Tf2, its a great game and tones of people love it but the devs are not listening to their players properly and are destroying their game (Tf2 players like myself will know EXACTLY! what I am talking about) if trion doesn’t do something to fix this soon trove will die….

The devs have no idea what they want this game to even be. they just add stuff and hope it works. And if it doesn’t and people don’t like it? Screw the players we’re the devs and don’t care.

Does they devs even want any player playing the game? As Scythe said p2w players will be GG and trove doesn’t even have any players left and they wanna do this. Do they even watch Scythe’s vids? They seriously need to think about this….

Plus, I dun want any rng so I buy my mounts and guess what I can’t buy them after the update and I can’t sell them if I dun get the one I want, although I can craft them but I can’t sell chaos chest items so I dun even have the flux.

Came to check out the state of the game, I was looking to get back into this game but after seeing this video it very hard for me to even think about rejoining the game.
some things are overpriced yes but, just hear me out, what if they become tradable again and not craft able, that means they will be worth up to 500k, thats more than what they started as.

This is why you get play to play games, so stuff like this doesn’t happen. I had 900 hours into this game, quit a couple weeks ago. Trion’s business model was the final straw for me. I still watch Scythe’s videos though…Just to see how badly trion rekt the game. You all should try out Elder Scrolls Online, not p2w, but also very fun. Better than this voxel garbage at least.

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