I Got an empowered stellar air gem which is 700 pr Gives maximum health, maximum health% and pd should I use it on my NN or will I lose too much crit? I don’t play tanks but I don’t wanna waste it.

I am thinking to get back to the game now can anyone tell me about shadow tower and stats of neon ninja as thats my main.

Gratz on the lvl 30. I play shadow hunter and I was wondering what stats you use on him since on your guide you use as but a few vids later you said that as effects shadow hunter but in a way not really because of the as cap.

Nice job dude! I bet it took a long time but a little worth it because of that extra gem slot. Question: Do you think they should add a level 30 costume? If so, are there any specifics that you would want to see on a Tomb Raiser costume?

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