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So I know this has nothing to do with the video, but where can I get the Prime Divisor, Mouthy Merc, and the Misleading Misanthrope?

For different dragons yes but the dragon talked about in this vid is a little different it takes 40 to get legendary buuuuuut you get 1 soul when crafting unlike other dragons such as bone or moonwing in which you will make 3 for basically the same cost but the amount needed raises.

the dragons cycle through so the azulian was waaaaay back then. Now there are lesser and greater dragon caches. Less caches are obtained from challenges and greater caches are obtained from paying money. The lesser cache has a rare chance to contain 1 retro dragon soul while the greater cache rarely gives 100 souls.

I believe that you get coins from the current dragon cache(as of right now that means neon caches), and Azulian Dragon Eccences can be crated at the crafting station used in this video.

Invoker its with the portal elite and master portal and all other Ubers it dosent work with adept because adept dosent have and new biomes the event is only with the new biomes sommetimes its with the old ones.

Since neon caches are in season, you might as well get a neon dragon. I’ve heard dragons can glide like wings, and they’re definitely worth getting. Unfortonately, Azulian dragons take 15 souls, while any other type takes 50 souls. But that makes them much cheaper in the market. Azulian souls are about 3k+ flux in market, but bone souls, for example, are only 800 flux.

You said something about 10 people can complete 1 dungeon each for the ten dungeons to complete… is that people in your club? how do you zone 10 people to help with your dungeons?

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