Actually cafrisun comes rather useless as u get closer to lvl 100… there is this set called Watcher set, it enhance your damage against demon type monsters. Dealing 50% earth damage is not worth when high lvl monsters decimate you cause you dont have the benefits of higher lvl armor.

The point of that extra earth damage is that it adds an extra intance of damage which benefits from the arde dagger damage bonus. It basically doubles your auto attack damage if you have access to an arde dagger because it adds 153 fire damage to every tick of damage that you do.The set alone doesn’t do much. I think that should have been explained better in the video.

good video but you missed out on health and mana regen options. from what i’ve seen, you use wood to make fire camps, also buy the cheap health and magic potions rather than the more expensive ones.

Also the potion thing is relative… Buy more expensive ones is not worth that much, but it still gives more mana, so if you dont care about the money you are spending (like me, i would rather get more mana back)… Potions have 30s cd, so of course getting more mana for that 30s cd is better on a fight.

where you start to explain the hidden quests, you reply to someone in your stream about your ranger is str so the bow wouldn’t be useful. Are you referring to that bow particularly, or all bows? Is that bow your friend mentioned a xbow…meant to use with shield..or what? And if so, why wouldn’t str work with that? I don’t get it. Str affects your auto atk and increases abilities dmg, respectively, soo….?That bow he mentioned to craft work better if your spamming abilities so you want more spr?lol you get me right? Hoping that wasn’t confusing.

can answer now because i played it a bit now hehe: because def means very little in this game the effect of this set gives you an elemental proc on every single one of your hits on enemies. the effect is not incredibly significant in higher levels but its still better than having a bit more def.

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