I don’t know how to use the hangman’s knot skill, because I charge the power standing right in front of thr monsters and nothing happen, I have to press another key or something like that?

To everyone saying its op is very misleading with the video. Im FULL support cleric / priest at lvl 125 and I solo this dungeon ez just as fast. Because its a 90 dungeon. They have high level peltasta. Also the translation is really bad.

Pyro + linker seems obselete because all pyro spells do aoe dmg and google translate would do a better job then TOS translators. The Link doesnt do extra dmg or more dmg on mobs,

Example: You put on Flame Ground ( AOE dmg on everyone that stands on it ) with link it would mean (on 5 targets) that would make 1 hit hit on all other 4. i.e 5 dmg instances on each PER damage instance if they were linked ontop of it. But it doesnt. It only does 1 damage instance on all. so If one mob stepps outside the aoe dmg that’s the only time it would be even considered.

You need to play linker to understand the mechanics. Forget Pyro’s aoe. You link enemies then your archer single targets one of them and kills the whole mob in few seconds. A viable build here would be W-P2-L3-FF. You link enemies then attack just one with FF solo damage. That is why fireball is so strong for linkers. Think about it. You don’t need CC, you don’t need to do anything, just link everyone and single dps one mob instead of 10. It’s actually broken.

I see pyro2+link1 everywhere. Link helps fireball mobbing (normally hits only 2 monster at a time), lets flame ground hit air enemy if there’s ground beside them (pretty often). when doing 90 dungeon full runs, the warriors tend to kill every monster caught in hangman’s knot in a second but takes a while longer if they are scattered for some reason.

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