Tree of Savior has 80 different character classes. Crazy, right? How does it manage to have so many classes? Well the system is slightly different than what you’re used to.

It’s all pretty old…except the last like…5 songs, those were all done near the end of 2014. Anyways, feel free to use any of it. Or not. It won’t offend me, just thought I would offer…and plug myself. On the other hand, if that song you use really is called “Mmm Feet” I say stick with it, because it’s so appropriate.

holy fucking complexity batman, going to grind this game out tonight, want to go full support, is the support co op a needed thing for end dungeons? Will I have to spent money for my character to be top tier? Is the journey fun? I played RO for years and loved it, I’m excited!

SO I was looking at the classes and rank 5 rogue caught my attention, would there be a way to retain the rogue arch type since it’s the only one in the class tree that has dual wielding. While still advancing forward? SO what I mean is, Would I go to circle level 2 as a rogue, and just miss the option to be a cannoneer/musketeer, Does that make sense.

Basically I’d want to keep the dual wielding rogue aspect of the rank 5 job, would that be possible? OR do I have to advanced past it? I am super excited for this game, and really want to play it, waiting for the free to play launch, since im not going to pay to acess the game, one week before the FTP goes out.

I am a fan of your BDO videos, was happy to find this when I decided to come try this finally. I bought the early access but never played it because I could never decide what I wanted to play. Now that I’ve come back to it, I’m still completely lost and so haven’t started playing the game yet. Just so hard to find out what you can and can’t do with any/every class to make a decision.

the lag is gone unless you have an outdated comp , but yea the microtransactions are still in the game , but is not that bad like some other free to play games , for example SWTOR is probably the worst example of f2p , as long as the game doesn’t become p2w is all good but yea there are some pretty dumb mt like chat restriction , that is pretty stupid that you cant yell or talk in world chat cause you need a megaphone , I mean the developers need to get there money some how.

They actually changed it so that you can infact Rank Up to any class available at that point. E.g. If you were a wizard who went to Circle 3 Wizard, you could still Become a Pyromancer if you desired for your next class advanement oppertunity.

What they don’t tell you is that those classes’ skills that you start with are USELESS later in the game. Your paladins are going to wind up the same unless one of you likes being weak lol.

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