Seems like a great game, I been playing it for a while.I heard the people who made this game where the original people who made Ragnarok Online.I wonder if those original people started their own company and left Gravity.

Insane game. Love it. Klaipeda is the best starting point so far.. And if you are a beginner you can change to keyboard or mouse controls on the settings. Have fun!

the characters are in 3d the heads are 2d. its not sprites. the game is in full 3d it uses sprites as decorations often such as grass or giant ferns (most of them) in the jungle.

Lee One of the servers is named “Klaipeda” which is a Lithuanian city. Also “Demon Goddess Giltine” rings a bell. Giltine means Grim Reaper in Lithuanian and it is also a pagan goddess. There’s also “Zemyna” which is also a pagan goddess. Also there’s a class “Dievdirbys” which means God Carver.

This game is amazing. Fulfills that wonderful RO nostalgia all of us who played it as kids had, and is good enough to attract even those who didn’t.

The coolest thing about it besides the sheer joy and satisfaction of combat, is the immense – and I mean IMMENSE – level of character class customization. You can currently have up to 7 Ranks of class customization, each containing 15 skill levels, and this can be split between a variety of classes. You can rank each individual class up to 3 times to further delve into their skill trees and unlock more abilities. There’s so much room for experimentation, players can really get crazy when coming up with skill/stay builds.

Sucks the only thing this game has in common with Ragnarok Online is a portion of the people that made RO worked on this, because asides from that the game is not really good.

If you ever want to play this game further and need some help or just want to team up I will always be ready to help you, also everyone that reads this when you need help just search contact with me and I will try as hard as I can to help you.

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