THC TOYOism Well it was a personal choice, if you play battle league then plague doctor its 1 of the best classes for it, beak mask will protect you from wugushis and bloodletting will protect your party from most common CC, and combining revive with healing factor you can tank anything the first 30 seconds, i usually do that and use energy blast to kill any mage class, and if battle league isnt your thing bloodletting and healing factor are good to solo any map.

even the new maps, some high monster can silence or freeze you, bloodletting its for that, and i would get more than 50 con, unless you are a support class and always stay behind the party, monsters from the new maps could kill you in 1-2 normal hits with that con, you want to have around 20k hp to survive the new maps.

There are some doubts about inquisitor skills. First of all, only Malleus Maleficarum its magic based atack, all the others skills are physical based. God Smash: 3 Charges, can critical, decent dmg with a decent cooldown, AoE ratio 8.

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