They haven’t changed really. MMO’s have ALWAYS been grindy. People are just tired of it these days. But then games that don’t have any grind at all feel too easy and no one feels special for being powerful. I don’t think anyone has found a good inbetween yet.

MOBA – arena/lobby based game, where every1 each round start from equal positions, level/equipement is not retained through rounds (some hybrid MOBAs retain some small bonuses, but thats why they are hybrid MOBAs). Please – in what places ToS apply to those requirements to be MOBA?

I heard this game was out, it looks amazing but I really REALLY just hate it when they force you to use Steam for games, I’m not going to play it until they add a option of playing this without it.

Just to clarify, this game is not really a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online. The only similarities is that the OST is from the same composer (and it’s amazing) and the artstyle is very similar. Gameplay wise it’s a totally different game, not even close to RO.

I must say if you enjoy melee, don’t play this game. It’s unplayable for ANYONE past Lv 200 who is melee and isn’t a FULL TANK. You’ll be in a losing game if you solo, and parties will only take you if you have tanking ability. What about you’re a 2H user or a ninja or a dual sword user? Tough luck mages are way better than you so GTFO from my party and lawn. It was frustrating how 99% of the people rejected me for being a shinobi not even my guildmates wanted me. And IMCgames dont seem to care about balancing it since they believe melees are devoted to be armored and tanky… The melee classes are so bad that even PuGs will glare if you got in by matchmaking.

That’s odd. The 980 usually outperforms the TITAN, however I don’t experience nearly as many frame-drops as I saw in your video. How much was the recording affecting your performance? Thus far, I’ve only seen frame drops where lots of loot is on the ground, or in the town where a lot of players are in the same spot.

The largest gripe I have currently (aside from no ticket system? Maybe I am just blind) is the the platforming element! The jump response is brutally lacking, and on two occasions got me stuck in the wall. Return port was on CD as well…”Where’s your god now?”

He made a mistake saying that you cannot go back to your previous class. If you were Swordsman and picked Highlander, you can still take Swordsman circle 2 at next class advancement. There is no branching, some classes are unlocked at higher advancement ranks, but you are free to mix them as you like.

What you said about the classes not being available to you anymore like the “Swordsman Circle 2” you can always go back to that class when you advance on your next class you missed that part. The beauty of this game is that you can advance any class while having the choice to switch around them. So if you picked Highlander you can go back to Swordsman Circle 2 on your next class advancement then pick Highlander Circle 2 on your next it depends on which one you want to make stronger. You can also change your hair color via the achievements.

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