Tree Of Savior (TOS) Is a Free To Play top down MMORPG released on steam on the 10th May 2016 and Published by Nexon, this game is a spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online and has a love hate art style which made me feel nostalgic, the basic story is to find a Goddess that once protected the world to save everyone from demons, Tree Of Savior features PVP, Dungeons and a lot of boss fights throughout the main.

So…. the reason you’re under leveled is because you’re misusing experience card. You’re supposed to use them to stay within 5 levels within a zone so you gain full experience for all mobs in the zone. If you’re 5 levels over or under you lose out on a lot of exp.

The game is very grindy later on and leveling actually requires strategy annoying enough. The game doesn’t show you npcs with quest on them, like filling out the map you’re supposed to explore and find them.

I’m a level 253 Monk 3 on Telsiai and it works as long as you don’t use lvl 4+ cards. Also what i’m trying to say is like since hes doing First impressions then its fine.

But yeah the obvious way to do it is keep doing quests as long as its <10 lvls above you and grind where its <5 lvls below you. I still hate the fact that ToS hides side quests- its counter intuitive and only ruins the experience for people who don’t know sites like toscamp.

yea and you also need to know when the level resets happens so that you can pop cards when your nearing them to reduce the grinding which was never mentioned or made known to players in this game..

I just randomly went trough First Impressions playlist and this cought my eye and left me amazed. Not because of gameplay but I live in very small country Lithuania and not everyone knows it, but this game is kinda made out of old culture. We have a city Klaipeda in our country and at 01:10 at the end of the sentence there is two words “Medzio Diena” it translates from my language Tree’s Day. And Godess Laima is an very old Lithuanian religion goddess. Im very surprised.

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