Very well put and even with the complex game-systems, you made it perfectly clear on how it works! One thing tho, is you should add a link to the skill-build-site you used to calculate everything I will definitely get this game, and i sub to your channel. Have a nice day!

I’m playing the Korean version because I can read and write and speak Korean. IT’s pretty interesting game I must say.I’m really excited to try out different classes it offers as you can learn many skills depends on the class.

The level of detail to class advancement is mindblowing so if you like the class you picked you can just advance that same class to maximize the skill damage? that’s fucking epic!

I love 2.5d styled games.. specially when they are MMORPGS!! In fact, I prefer 2.5d over 3d when it comes to these massive online games! I feel like they give the developers more freedom, and they are able to add on more to the game instead of focusing so much on bug fixing, and difficult modelling. This game also looks really sweet! Can’t wait to play it!! Is it easy to get into the beta?

Thanks for showing us a bit from this game. I’ve been a bit skeptical about it, but it looks pretty good from what I’ve seen from your video. I’m still concerned about certain things though. For instance the boss fights seem a bit dull.

Moldran, let me tell you how pleased I am with you making this review since I was looking to play that game and your review just did it for me. And you should run for a governor of California, people will love you for your voice alone. Cheers.

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