Someone please help what do I do it keeps saying failed to get data from the server idk what to do it dose that when I log in it reset my phone and delete the app and downloaded it again it still dose it.

So the owners of Pokemon go are the ONLY ones able to make money off the app. this suck because if you spend your time, and effort you should be able to seel your account. they shouldn’t be able to say you can’t.

There are countless jobs out there where people pay someone for there time, and have them do things, and among them play a game for them. So as an example if I don’t have the time to get a level in a game I could pay someone to log into my account, and get it for me. The people who own the game are not loosing any money, or being harmed in any way so it is the same thing. If I play pokemon go, and get to a level,and sell my time I put into it then that is fine. The company isn’t loosing anything, or being harmed in any way. they still made there money with the ad revenue, and are perfectly fine. besides MOST game make accounts, and sell them as another example Everquest, and WOW sell top level accounts, and all they have to do is type some keys. Oh yeah there is an ENTIRE website where people pay others to do jobs for them, or even trade one skill for another.

All it takes is for the seller to provide you with the email/username and password that was used for the account. In most of these cases, the seller use a made up email. The buyer would then login with that username and password and that’s it. Since Niantic also gave one chance to change your username, you can make that change to whatever you want and that’s that.

Are these fucking stupid to buy a fucking account for thousands of dollars when they won’t even end up playing it for a month if they had the accounts!?!! They won’t even play after a couple months the game is getting boring as it is! And I’ve been playing and watching Pokemon since I was 3.

Not sure why this is the first video i’ve seen in months that automatically had captions on, but lol. Right at the end it thought you said. “So be shirtless in the comment section”.

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