The most OP buffs though is hanzo, if it isn’t some cheaters using hanzo on ps4 then hanzo can body-shot most heroes with a normal arrow, but if it is cheaters then blizzard needs to do something about it but not on ps4 blizzard hates people on consoles.

genji wasnt nerfed that hard…well a certain way of playing him was but what the character actually accomplishes was barely affected by those changes except the ult nerf which was a pretty big deal but not that big of a nerf.

i’m talking about how he was immediately hos buff when he was picked in every pro match and the match revolved around zenyatta, he later got nerfed and his discord does 30% now and he’s much more balanced now.

I shouldn’t have to tell you how incorrect you are about that, as it should be obvious. I suppose it isn’t, considering that’s all you’re commenting about in multiple areas in this comment section.

In the open, an out of position Symmetra is much easier to counter than Soldier or Junkrat. Junkrat’s more of a spam to wim at lower levels who only does badly down at lower levels against a semi copetant Pharah or Zarya. With Soldier, Blizzard don’t seem to know if they want him to be DPS or sustainable Jack of all trades. He has bettermobility than Reaper and a Powerful heal, while still putting out similar damage. It’s slighty worse, but even 2 stray bullets from a Soldier spraying and prayng across the map is 40 damage. McCree has no mobility and no slef Heal. They either need to increase his spread significantly, nerf his damage, or the effectiveness of his healing to bring him in line with other DPS. They fulfill one role better, while Soldier is an all rounder currently too good in multiple areas to be considered a Jack of all trades.

And While a good Torb is annoying, a soldier is harder to puish in terms of heals and mobility. Roadhog, without his hook, is a huge target who can’t out heal a lot of crit damage. In the open, a hog’s just free ult charge. Mercy has almost zero reliabe mobility and a pistol that, while it can be incredibly useful, is easily out damaged at close range. And Lucio is meant to be a harder to hit target who self sustains, as he lacks in the damage department. All of the characers you listed are closer to being balanced than Soldier currently is.

Where’s symmetra she has the most obviously biggest buff. She got a new ability and an added ultimate where she has two that alone is enough to give her a number one spot no one has gotten an added ability and two ultimates biggest buff because of that. Plus the added range to her primary fire and turret rework more proof that she should have it and the last time is that Jeff kaplin has openly admitted that it was the biggest one. He said that’s why it took so long and why they couldn’t add it in a normal patch. They made the biggest deal from that buff then any other. It should’ve been on the top why didn’t you put it in there there is no reason why it couldn’t especially since road hogs tiny buff made it.

I didn’t really want to but I just wanted some people to know how little of a change it was. she was claimed unviable and wasn’t played often. now she has more use and a lot of people are playing her more and saying she is really good but the only thing that they actually use now is the shelf generator and not much of the other changes are why people claim she is now viable.

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