I think that the Clefthoof mount rode by a Tauren is quite literally the biggest offender in this regard. I mean it is so big that I had to actually zoom out to max distance wile riding it to even be able to see to the point my larger-than-life Tauren looked more like a gnome with horns and a tail.

What’s even funnier than calling him a stupid kid is all the morons who completely missed the fact “the stupid kid” brilliantly quoted Nixiom word for word on the 2 second spot in the video and all you morons missed that and like idiots are all focused on Invincible.

And none of you did it prior to its change. I did it again on an alt after the change. Sadly a pathetic grind, but you’re right the average player now is too impatient and can’t be bothered to actually grind anything.

Before mounts were account wide, I ran an alt through Strathholme for enchanting mats. Just for grins I decided to go tackle Rivendare, and remarked to my friend “Watch, because this is an alt I only use for enchanting, the fugging mount will drop.” Sure as Hell, it did. I raged for a good half hour because I had been farming it on my main for 2 years.

Didn’t expect to actually see the Rivendare’s Deathcharger here after seeing all these dope, fresh model mounts (I only ever played wotlk and a bit of Legion), but god damn right it’s one of the most awesome mounts. When I saw that it had a 1% drop chance, I thought I can do this, and farmed Stratholme with my rogue for 62 times (yes, I counted), until I finally got it. At this point I could probably stealth around every single non-mandatory mob with my eyes closed, with how many times I did it.

But it was so damn worth it. Back when the mount variety was not as huge, people were dazzled by my classic mount being fucking blue, especially since I got it as soon as I could solo Stratholme bosses, rather than steamrolling through the dungeon with max level. And many noobs thought I somehow bought it from the mount vendor, and asked me how to get it. Man, I walked the road of dropped panties all day every day.

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