The Saga of Lucimia is a massive PC world to explore, and a classless, skill-based game where you create your own story with your friends and allies. You can explore emergent gameplay and determine the “best” cities, zones, and dungeons.

Will the traps etc be the same for the dungeons or will they vary like if you cleared a dungeon and came back would you see different traps in different spots ? I’d like to see them vary as it would always keep a group on the edge to respond to any scenario they come across.

Other people like you will be looking for gathering groups as well. When the entire population of the game needs to group to do tasks outside of the city, you will find ways to do so. Mercenary groups who offer protection to harvesters in the open world will be a common thing. 3 Mercenaries and 5 Harvesters could park in a location and keep close to eachother. IF a harvester gets attacked, you run to the mercenaries who dispatch the monster. Harvesters will also be .

I beg don’t be some politically correct cucks that bans you for the slightest thing. like league, that’s one of the top reason they lose players.

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