It is consistent since you can continuously bring defense matrix back up by tapping. Defense matrix is not meant to block DPS from the back aswell.

If DVA were to block damage from both the front and back with defense matrix up, while being able to deal damage, that would be plain broken, not just strong/OP.

Dva not being able to do the things I just mentioned makes her still pretty strong/OP, with the benefit of her having 400 HP and 200 armor, thats x3 HP what most heroes have.

Well it kinda does. A lvl 500 player definetly have more playtime and has a greater chance to be better than you at the game, ive seen insanely good players beeing kept back by their trash teams. Thus skill and rank has no connection.

i’ve played about 200 games this season. not exaggerating at least 30 games ive had someone disconnect on either my team or the other team. thats one out of every 6 games almost which is very costly especially to people who dont have as much time to play as others.

Well i played winston few games recently and i have 3x gold most of the time, otherwise i have mix of gold and silver… he is good but i would gove him lower CDs – 1s on jump and few secs on shield.

wasn’t the problem at all (frontline tank my ass) they didn’t even have to change the health she’s didn’t need any nerfs to begin with. now all of the super jelly dvas are gonna dm all the time no more point of playing her if she’s useless id under stand if it was 300armor/300hp kinda disappointed. She was actually good after her dm nerf Ana ruined her basically because she was a must pick for comp.This nerf is the worst one in the game changing a character completely again idek what she’d be classified as.

Winston isn’t shitty, he just doesn’t do well in the current meta because he can’t take on other tanks. No point picking winston when you’re vs 4 tanks that’ll kill you in a second. He also requires a lot more game sense and team work to play effectively so people don’t always understand how he works. Winston is a tank that’s designed to take out the squishies in the backline or ones that have bad placement, he was never designed to 1v1 other tanks. He does really well against snipers, taking out healers and vs characters like mccree, tracer and genji. Like this video said, he’ll probably see a rise in pick rate again once this tank heavy meta dies down.

It’s ridiculous that you hid behind an object where you’re out of Roadhog’s sight, he threw his hook above your head and still got you hooked. Reinhardt’s charge hitbox is also a bit weird though. Like I charge at Torbjorn’s turret, and I pinned dead enemy Torb who’s standing behind his turret.

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