This is a series I’m doing to showcase the gameplay and features of Blade and Soul. It’s also a chance for the community to leave some tips and advice for new players coming to these videos to get some help in understanding what makes the game good, and how to get the best experience from it. If you have some comments like that, then please share them!

once u reach lvl 50 u well begin to unlock your ” secret Hongmoon skills for all your unlocked skill witch will drastically change the dynamics of your skills. for example for your inferno skills. there’s 3 effects it has. there the one with the 2 second cast time that does massive damage. or another inferno skill that is an instant cast with less damage the u have the secret hongmoon version of those skills where the inferno that has a 2 seconds cast time.

the secret hongmoon skill of that will allow u to cast it again instantly if it hit a target successfully. and so on. there’s some skills that change completely once u unlock there secret hongmoon tear and there’s lots of massive damage spells you will like just as u mention when talking about the inferno skill. just race to lvl 50 and the real game begins.

The most combo heavy class in the game is Kung Fu Master, it has stuff like what you described with using 1 skill to proc the next skill etc and then you chain a lot of skills together like that. Also the Silken Splendor outfit is completely new, actually was only recently released in Korea, and as a low level player you cant get it i think, the coins you need to buy it come from endgame dungeons.

the one year, countless adventures daily also awards coins, although not as much as endgame dungeons. Only doing that daily will probably not be enough but if he gets lucky with the daily dash then he might be able to get the outfit.

i am playing as summoner and it was important to choose either group heal or single pet heal, the sunflower or the bees due to dps, tank cat or attack cat…. all these things are really important for lvl50+. you never end learning and when u spend the points somewhere you shouldnt you ONLY notice when you play the game and do the dailies below lvl45 cause the instances are “easy” and good to learn your skills.

no matter why people dont know what to do with their skill points when they have no idea what they are doing cause they skip all the important gameplay.. end game is focused alot on dungeon/party grinding so why not get some experience from dungeons? they are so easy you can finish them within 10mins.. its all things that make lvl50+ players truely noobs and they annoy the fvck out of us..

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