Blade and Soul draws a lot of attention, and a lot of misjudgements, because of it’s hypersexualized character designs. But beyond the look of the game is a fun action-combat MMORPG that can charm the pants off of even the most stubborn mmo hater.

This is the first video in a series I’m doing to showcase the gameplay and features of Blade and Soul. It’s also a chance for the community to leave some tips and advice for new players coming to these videos to get some help in understanding what makes the game good, and how to get the best experience from it. If you have some comments like that, then please share them!

lol or i know actually what to farm and how to use the market. So lets see one way do all dailies then be first lieutenant and spend the rest of the day farming Soul Stone plains buying the 500 Prestige point boxes and sell the thousands of Soul stones you get at the end of the day and you make a few hundred gold so there you go you’ve now been enlightened on how to farm and not be complete idiot that spews insults.

grind is too much. doing the same old dungeons for numerous days and weeks to get gold and mats to upgrade, just to do the same thing again, just to catch up to the average players. I would be lazy too considering how bad the progression system. at least though, they are adding new events that make progression much less of a grind.

games only saving grace, imo, is the combat. not sure how balanced the PvP is now but I remember when u had to grind dungeons to death in order to get HM skills, now that was killer. at least now they implemented a system that allows pvpers to get HM skills by pvping. not sure how it is now but either way, you have to grind to be end game in either PvP or PvE.

Fun for casual playing, but if you are a serious player, its a pain in the ass because you got to grind every single day repeat dailies and eventually will kill your interest of the game.

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