Revival is a player agency, world persistence, and absolutely zero compromises are the cornerstones of our quest for a living, persistent, dark fantasy role-playing world. It is their effort to revive the promise of the virtual world, and bring back a truly open-world sandbox role-playing experience.

You guys are amazing, please keep doing what you’re doing. I am so very excited for this game to come out, it is literally at the top of my anticipated games, above Blade and Soul, Black Desert Online, etc. This game looks like you guys are developing a world for people to play in, not an MMO. It just blows me away.

As a formerly active roleplayer across various MMOs, it is truly a great thing to see all of the customization currently in, and planned in the future for, player housing. Can’t recall off the top of my head if housing was instanced or not however.

Anyway, I say this because the most important thing for me as a video game player, is the gameplay itself. How it handles combat. I’ve tried and quit numerous games using “Skill based combat” as a selling point and they usually devolve into less generic tab targeting and change to a targeting reticle style combat (See “Vindictus”, “Dragon’s Nest”, etc.).

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